We offer fun game shows for lots of events! From Pub Trivia (lots of categories and lots of game levels from easy to OMG) to fun Bingo games and more! From Wireless Gameshow buzzers to higher tech cell phone style games!

​​​​​​​Whether you love to watch Game Shows, dream of being on them, or both, game show hosts are a big part of what draws viewers in and Dave Star is No Exception! He goes all out to get his players involoved too!

Dave Star has hosted Game Shows for hundreds of fun loving folks at Country Clubs, Corporate Parties, Wedding Receptions, Nightclubs and more! He hosts Jeopardy, Family Fued, Extreme Bingo and more!

See some of the fun event videos below!

Basically, game shows are all about fun. There’s definitely the nostalgia element since some of today’s game shows date back to the '60s and Dave Star is now putting a modern spin on these classics. 

It's time for you to enjoy one of Dave Stars game shows for your events! call 541.419.4090 now to check availability and pricing.

DaveStarsGameshow.com had some fun with some folks at mission
Davestarsgameshow.com Extreme Bingo Holiday Edition
Dave Stars Jeopardy and Clobber
All ages game show done outdoors at a resort.
Dave Star's Clobber!

Dave Star's Game Show is a family favorite...and guests of all ages have a great time!